Barbara Stanwyck

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Dr. Avedon said I could live to be a hundred years old. I intend to do it. For who would not wish to live a hundred years in a world where there are so many people who remember with gratitude and affection a little man with a frozen face who made them laugh a bit long years ago when they and I were both young? (My Wonderful World Of Slapstick)

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Gloria Swanson in Her Gilded Cage (1922)

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Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor shown at All Saints Church as they became the godparents of the twin daughters of motion picture director Peter Godfrey and his wife, Renee Haal. Miss Stanwyck holds Christina Tracy as the reverend J.Herbert Smith christens Jill Katherine. 

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Barbara Stanwyck, 1942

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Carole Lombard, 1935 
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In spite of possible deep hurts along the way, how do you think life has treated you?
I get up each morning and say, “Thank you, God.” I never go to sleep at night without saying again, “Thank you, God!” Does that answer your question? 

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Chevrolet, 1934.

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Marlene Dietrich photographed by Edward Steichen, 1931

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Henry Fonda and Bette Davis in Jezebel (1938)

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Katharine Hepburn by Clarence Sinclair Bull, 1942

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Jimmy Stewart, 1950

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Alfred Hitchcock and Vera Miles photographed by Elliott Erwitt,

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In addition to faith in God, I have faith in the future. No matter how bad things look at the time we’re gong through them, we do get through the dark days, and somehow, with time, they don’t seem quite so bad.
- Barbara Stanwyck 

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Jimmy Stewart on the set of “Born to Dance” (1936)

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