I’m done caring.

Screw being a “quality” blog. Screw blue tags, notes, and all that shit. I’m gonna make Tumblr a fun place again. So here’s to doing whatever, whenever. 

Basically part of the reason why I think Tumblr has become such a lame place that you dread going to rather than enjoy is because we’re all too damn serious. Remember when we used to have gif wars? When we’d actually reply to each other’s text posts? HELL when we used to write text posts! Who even does that anymore? We’ve all gotten too many followers and we’re too concerned with being so called “quality”. Well, I’m done. If I want to post 10 gifs of Jeanette MacDonald in a day, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna post w/e the hell I want. End of story. It’s sure to make Tumblr a much better place in the end and last but not least FUN. I will always post a variety of things as I have in the past, but damn it. I’m not gonna sit here and worry that you’re all gonna hate me if I sometimes post one person in particular whoever that one person might be. It’s either that, or leave. 

July 9th 2012   167 notes  
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  8. miss-flapper said: I agree. I was even starting to feel bad because I thought I was doing something wrong because no one seemed to “like me”. It is like fab, bring all the drama from back in the myspace days. I don’t want that here. My blog is my own. :3