HAPPY BIRTHDAY Missy aka Barbara Stanwyck
(July 16, 1907 - January 20, 1990)
I am sometimes asked who is my favorite actress, among those I have directed. I always dodge the question by explaining that I have to continue living in Hollywood. But if the tortures of the inquisition were applied and an answer extracted from me, I would have to say that I have never worked with an actress who was more co-operative, less temperamental, and a better workman, to use my term of highest compliment, than Barbara Stanwyck. I have directed, and enjoyed working with, many fine actresses, some whom are also good workmen; but when I count over those of whom my memories are unmarred by any unpleasant recollection of friction on the set or unwillingness to do whatever the role required or squalls of temperament or temper, Barbara’s name is the first that comes to mind, as one whom a director can always count to do her work with all her heart.”
- Cecil B. DeMille

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